The First Impression is the Best Impression! 

Let’s understand the importance of having a powerful LinkedIn profileLinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional networks on the internet. It helps its users to find that perfect job or internship and help them to connect and strengthen their professional relationships. 

LinkedIn also provides various courses and programs that help its users to learn new skill sets and improve on their existing ones. It also helps its users to explore new professional avenues. The world has become a melting pot for talents and with the current scenario where all of us are accustomed to working from home culture, there are endless possibilities for getting that dream job!

We know that LinkedIn is majorly used for professional networking and because of that, it is really necessary to set up an impressive profile for the viewers. We will talk about this in detail towards the end of this blog. But what is more important is to understand why having a LinkedIn profile?

There are various reasons for that, below listed are just a few reasons: 

  1. LinkedIn being a professional platform gives endless opportunities to connect and associate with top professionals and companies around the globe. 
  2. With powerful connections, the possibility of your profile being visible to top recruiters are high. 
  3. Having a profile and maintaining it is exactly like creating a brand that is YOU!
  4. Updating about your professional growth, milestones, or achievements gives an insight into you. 

Now, as promised above, here are some tips and tricks to make your LinkedIn profile stand out! 

1) Always, always make sure that you are filling out your profile thoroughly because a complete profile gives all the necessary information a recruiter or an employer is looking for!

2) Who wants to look at a profile that does not have a profile picture? Having the right profile photo matters as it makes your profile more genuine and relatable. A professional but friendly picture is all it takes to elevate your profile.

3) Now that we have set up a profile with an updated resume and a profile picture, the next thing the viewer will look at is the LinkedIn HEADLINE. Our suggestion, make the headline crisp, clear, and concise, including profession-specific skills and titles.

4) The person viewing your profile does not have the time to read your entire profile, this is where the summary comes in handy! A good summary includes everything from your current job title to what kind of jobs are you interested in! 

5) Last, but not least; you need to make sure that you are including, the right keywords in your profile. This can help because it tells the LinkedIn algorithm that your profile is relevant to that specific keyword.

As mentioned above, using keywords becomes more important because they also help you find the right kind of job opportunities on digital.  

Using the right kind of keywords can also help you figure out more about your dream company, dream job, or even know your dream team at work better.

Once this is done, you can even connect to the people associated with that particular company becomes easy! Once you start using keywords for searching on this platform, you will start noticing a pattern that would give you better clarity about the job market in grave detail, which in turn can help you with your dream job! 

The world is facing a digital transformation, and in this quick era, it is necessary to be on your A-game always! The job market is expanding, and there are a lot of job opportunities waiting to be claimed! 

Keep learning and keep updating! 

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