Recruitment made easy!

As Steve Jobs rightly said “Hiring the best is your most important task” but what we also need to understand is the fact that we also need the best resources that can help a company to acquire these talents. 

What is recruitment and what do the recruitment agencies do?

We know that recruitment refers to the overall process of choosing individuals for various roles and the process includes identifying, sourcing, screening, shortlisting, and interviewing candidates for a particular job role. 

This is where recruitment agencies act as the bridge between employers and employees. These firms work directly with other companies and offer the profiles of the candidates suited for the positions the employers are looking for. 

  GEx Search:  

Firms like GEx Search offer both Global and Offshore recruitment. 

As a recruitment agency, our mission is to create a path to recruitment success. We understand the needs of all the organizations and our vision is to work toward fulfilling them to the best of our capability. 

Our core values are the profound reason why we have a better success rate than other firms as we bring the world closer with global talent sourcing and offshore recruiting. 

Here are some interesting statistics that make us unique and more reliable: 

We have 61% of Client Shortlisting 

We have a 92% of interview turnout 

We have 84% of offer acceptance and 

We have 99% turn out of offers to joining

What makes us different?

GEx Search is different from other firms because we provide and process reliable back office support and also help our clients in managing the inflow of openings. 

We not only provide our clients with a workforce but also with solutions that will support the development of the organization with a growth strategy. 

Global Recruiting 

As a global recruiting partner, we provide our clients by sourcing the finest skills for regional and multinational companies, as we specialize in providing broader-less talent solutions. 

This becomes a reality because our services are catered to and designed in a way that the recruitment process for the clients is simple, quick, and efficient. 

A big melting pot that the world has become now firms need to find the right kind of talents for the right kind of placements to grow. 

As leaders in Global Staffing solutions, we provide solutions that make the recruitment process easier we use methods like: 

-Algorithm-driven profile match 

-Integrated social sourcing toll, and more.

We have a better and higher success rate because we combine our client’s passion with our expertise in executive search and talent augmentation. (Read more about how we help augment your career story

Offshore Recruitment

We know how fierce the competition has become in the offshore recruitment sector; hence our services are designed in a way that an employer it becomes much easier for them to identify the best applicants for the positions. (Read more about how we help you with offshore recruitments) 

The dynamics of the world have seen a significant shift in recent years (thanks to the pandemic), especially with the prominent work-from-home culture it becomes more important to understand the recruitment process. 

As a recruitment firm that understands the value of learning and adhering to practices best suited to the industry. 

We create a one-of-a-kind strategy by adapting to new technologies, resulting in a highly credible output and our services include: 

-Market Mapping 

-Process Automation, and more. 


As Robin Thomas rightly said “The world has become an employment melting pot, where borderless talent solutions are the need of the organizations in the fast-moving world.”

We at GEx Search provide solutions that enable our clients to have access to talent without limitations of the geographic realm and we ensure to provide result driven output aligned with what our clients envision.

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