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Establishing a strong presence of your company in the business world can be a tricky task, especially for budding companies and startups. Handling the recruitments, clients, task completions, office errands, documentation and the many other tasks involved in a business can be exhausting and might distract you from focusing on the growth of your business.

This is where GEx Search comes into the picture as a life saver. Gex Search – The Global Recruitment Agency you can surrender all your recruitment responsibilities and find your ideal employees at a faster pace thus saving a lot of time and resources. Remember your employees make your company, therefore although recruitment is not the main focus of your company, it is as vital to give importance to it as the core business of the company. Bedecked with Global Recruitment Specialists, this Global Recruitment Agency is the preferred choice. The following are some of the ways in which GEx Search will help you boost your business growth through talent recruitment:

We Understand, Evaluate and Assure:

As a Global Recruitment Agency & Global Recruitment Specialists, we take it as our responsibility to find your ideal employees that satisfy your job requirements and at the same time resonate with your company values. We meticulously Evaluate each of the candidate resumes and interview processes to make sure that each employee is well suited for your company. We assure you that all processes that take place during the recruitment will be carried out in a transparent manner for both the company and the candidates to provide a smooth experience for everyone.

Global recruitment:

We will find the best talents from all over the world for your job requirements. With Global recruitment revolutionizing the world of recruitment, GEx Search takes pride in itself in being one of the leaders in providing Global staffing solutions. Our highly efficient profile matching algorithm will evaluate candidate profiles worldwide and find the best suited candidate for your job vacancies. Why be limited to local when you can spread your wings and fly global? Be it for temporary staffing, offshore employees, freelancers or permanent employees for your company, GEx search will head hunt the perfect candidate for you!

Understanding Client support throughout the partnership:

Once you get associated with us, we are available for you whenever you need us, be it for enquiries, doubt clarifications, appointments, you name it, we will be on board with you throughout the process. We will get you the talents that you need within the requested time period and will provide constant support in every aspect we can.

Our previous success stories:

We are a successful recruiting company who have achieved a whopping 99% offer acceptance rate, 92% interview turnouts, 84% offer acceptance and 61% client shortlisting. Also, most of our previous clients have given us 5-star ratings and have deeply appreciated various aspects of our services from time management to client support. So, you can know that your company is in safe and trustable hands and entrust your recruitment responsibility with us and see your company grow in multi-folds.

Trusted Clients and candidates:

Being revered as Global Recruitment Specialists, we serve various industries such as Telecom, healthcare, Information Technology, construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, Logistics and Shipping, Accounting and Finance etc. Our networks across all these industries run deep and we are especially skilled in partnering along with these industries. We are reputed for our supportive services. All the clients and candidates that we deal with will be given utmost care and support throughout our association. Our talent augmentation methods and executive search processes ensure that all of our clients and candidates receive the best outcomes out of our services.

Trying to do everything by oneself isn’t always a good idea. How about letting the professionals in the business take over your burden of recruitment and create the best out of it while you focus on developing and growing your business?  You are just one appointment/ phone call away from accessing our services and receiving the growth booster that your company deserves.

What are you waiting for? Log in to GEx Search and Book an appointment with us right away!

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