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Unemployment is one of the major problems in almost all the countries in the world. But it is not that there aren’t any job opportunities available, on the contrary, many companies are having numerous job openings available but are unable to find their ideal candidates. This has been a big issue for too long now. Welcome to GEx Search where we solve the interaction problem between the Job Seekers and Recruiters! We have made the process of applying and getting your perfect job so easy that it would be a cake walk for you towards your dream company.

At GEx Search, we understand the priorities of the candidates and support them from the beginning until they sign the contract with a company. Some of the features that we use to connect you with your dream company include,

Algorithm Driven Profile match:

We use an exclusive algorithm to match your skills and preferences with a company with similar requirements and values. Our algorithm is programmed to consider every aspect of a candidate’s needs and suggest companies that share those values for the candidate to choose from. Hundreds of happy candidates have found their best company to work with, in this way.

Diverse trusted companies:

GEx Search – The supremely revered Global Recruitment Agency is trusted by a large pool of recruiters from various countries to find their permanent or offshore employees. We serve a large number of industries such as Information Technology, healthcare, Accounting and finance, Logistics and Shipping, Construction, Telecom, Oil and gas, etc. This enables the candidates to choose where to work from a large pool of amazing companies. Some of the famous companies who work with us include Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, RAD Communications, Sas, etc.

Constant Support:

GEx Search will support and help their candidate throughout their hiring process in every possible way until they join a company. This includes from creating their work profile, applying to interested companies, job guidance, migration support, etc. Their Executive Search Recruitment ensures a smooth global migration and 100% guaranteed placement policies and will make sure that the candidates have a comfortable experience while availing our services.

Transparent offer and joining formalities:

All the proceedings regarding both the candidates and the companies will be made transparent for the clarity between both the parties. GEx Search – The top staffing agency prioritizes the right to information for everyone involved in the recruitment process and will make everything clear about any formality or terms and conditions that should be given attention before taking anything to the next stage.

Easiest to get started with:

It is very easy for job seekers to get started with GEx Search. One simply needs to visit the GEx Search website and book for an appointment call at a preferred time with us. And that’s it! Our representative will get in touch with you and will help you set everything to get you started. It is that simple!

Trustworthy Statistics:

Still doubting whether GEx Search will be the right place for you? We have some cool real time statistics to prove our efficiency too! GEx Search has achieved 61% client shortlisting from companies, 84% offer acceptance by candidates who trusted us, 92% interview turnouts and a whopping 99% offer to join received by our candidates.

Assistance with relocation procedures:

We are a global staffing agency and we completely understand the hassles that are involved in the relocation procedure. On getting placed at a global company, GEx Search will assist the candidate in all their relocation procedures involving visa, flight ticket, and all the formalities required to ensure that the candidate will have a smooth relocating experience.


Our mission at GEx Search is to be a connector between companies and job seekers and to make the outsourced recruiting process easier and efficient for both the parties at national and international level. We take pride and happiness in being one of the most dedicated and trustable agencies in finding the ideal jobs for our candidates and the perfect candidates for the companies and will strive to continue to do so forever.

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